Studio Soleil is 

A creative management and booking studio.  We work with  practitioners, artists, magic makers, witches, activists, creatives, the bold and the bright. Studio Soleil was created by Taylor Montague.

Le Soleil origin:

The Sun Card. The union between the celestial, earthly and human planes. The sun is a good omen for all new construction; it indicates unconditional love is at work and foretells success based on an ardent and enlightened approach.

Why Studio Soleil?

We facilitate meaningful connections between the intrinsically talented individuals and dynamic communities. Focused on building independent businesses, providing aid and guidance with a focus on branding, strategy and execution, we connect individuals who will mutually gain from each other, cross-pollinating communities and expanding awareness.

Studio Soleil works with unique clients to create unique experiences. 

What do we offer?

We place leaders with like-minded platforms, environments and communities. We create marketing campaigns, brand identities, promotional deck design, course promotions etc. We book retreats, workshops and events. We develop opportunities to share your news with relevant digital and print outlets, podcasts, and develop press packages.

We are malleable and dynamic and curate our offerings to match your needs. 

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